Hi, I'm a Nashville developer who loves introducting new board games to friends.

My introduction to web development began at an early age. In 5th grade my dad bought me my first domain name and handed be a copy of Dreamweaver. After shaping small corners of the Internet, I fell in love with technology.

I designed websites to help pay for college, and after graduating, I pursued a career in technical support and later content marketing for Raven, an SEO platform for marketers.

Things were great until I discovered I wasn't learning new things at the pace I'd like. That changed when I enrolled in Nashville Software School. I rediscovered my love of creating web experiences, and I learned how deep the rabbit hole went.

It turns out my winding path to software development has served me well. Putting a customer's needs first comes naturally after working at two Nashville software companies for more than 8 years.

Technology and Skills

Languages JavaScript, Python, SQL, CSS, HTML
Frameworks Django, AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap, Webpack, jQuery, SASS
Skills Unit Testing, ERDs, Working with APIs, Git, SEO, Content Marketing

Featured Coding Project

board game rankings

Tabletop Tracker

Tabletop Tracker tracks which new board games deserve your attention among the thousands of games that are published each year.




GitHub Repo

Github Repo

How The App Works

Tabletop Tracker is deployed on Heroku using Express. A cron job triggers a crawler that runs daily. The crawler is built atop node packages simplecrawler and cheerio. After crawling BoardGameGeek, the app makes API calls, manipulates data, and pushes up data to Firebase all while server-side.

Since data is cached daily, when a user visits the website, all board game data can be pulled down with one request. Learn more about Tabletop Tracker on Meeple Mountain or on episode 129 of The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast (skip to 2:09:20).

More About Tabletop Tracker

Experience and Education

Nashville Software School Software Developer (2016-2017)
My 6-month NSS Bootcamp focused on JavaScript, Python, Git, SQL, unit testing, and much more.
Raven Tools Content Marketing Specialist (2011-2016)
While at Raven, I did everything from customer support, social media marketing, run the affiliate program, and content marketing. Content marketing projects involved writing and speaking about online marketing and creating SEO-friendly websites using Zurb Foundation.
Sitemason CMS Director of Technical Support (2008-2011)
As the Director of Technical Support at Sitemason, I managed the needs of 500+ clients. I primarily helped clients troubleshoot DNS, hosting, email, and content management issues.
diving board web design company Web Designer, Founder (2004-2010)
I founded a web design company called Diving Board in college. We invoiced dozens of clients. Most projects started with Photoshop mock-ups and were build in PHP or HTML.
Oasis Center Coordinator of Teenedge.com (2003-2005)
Starting in high school, I coordinated a website for Nashville youth at Oasis Center. In my role, I taught high schoolers skills in basic HTML and journalism. I also managed marketing outreach for the program.
Belmont University Journalism Student (2004-2008)
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. While at Belmont, I produced around 50 stories for NPR-affiliate, Nashville Public Radio (WPLN).
In the online world, few people “see” the web and its potential the way Nathan Baker does.
angela smith

Angela Smith
Professor at North Dakota State University

I had the good fortune to work with Nate for over 5 years. I have rarely seen anyone bring a more positive attitude or stronger work ethic to a job.
Jason West

Jason West
Analytics Reporting Sr. Manager at Deloitte

I had the pleasure of working with Nate for several years. He's one of the most creative people I've ever collaborated with. He was always able to take ownership of projects and see them all the way through, with each project producing high quality results.
Jon Henshaw

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder of Raven Tools

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Side Projects

Canned Beer Competition

Can Can Awards is the premier beer competition focused solely on canned craft beers. In our inaugural year, 250+ beers were entered from across the U.S. and beyond.

Workbook on Productivity

Create Time is a free 23-page workbook that shows you how to carve out the time you need to finish your creative projects.

Volcano Cove Board Game

Volcano Cove is a free print-and-play board game for two players. Sink all enemy ships or mine more gold to win.

Track Board Game Rankings

Tabletop Tracker tracks which new board games deserve your attention among the thousands of games that are published each year.

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