Track Your Creative Project With Metrics

By nathantbaker | November 4, 2014 | 0 Comment


So, you’re committed to a creative project, but how do you keep it on track after you’ve started?

Tracking your progress with metrics will give you the feedback you need. If the numbers call you a slacker, it’s time to hustle. If the numbers say you’re intense, it will build confidence.

So what do you track? The amount of time you’re putting in or when you reach goals?

If you track something like the number of blog posts for your fashion blog, songs for your EP, or painting for your collection, each item could take different amount of time, so 1 does not always equal 1.

If you track time, 1 always equals 1 so your metrics are more accurate.

Plus, setting aside an hour on a calendar is less daunting than putting a goal on the calendar. Over time you’ll also see how you’re becoming more productive with the same amount of time.

All you need is a spreadsheet with a column for the weeks or months and a column for the amount of hours worked on the project. I recommend creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs.


To harness the power of peer pressure, publish a chart online so your friends can cheer you on. As an example, I publish how much I’ve written lately in my bio on this website.

With metrics, the next time someone asks “How’s your project coming?” you can tell them exactly how it’s going.

Do you keep metrics for your creative project?


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