Backup Groomsman

Think how much brides overthink.
Now think how much money we can make off that fear.

Do you like to travel? Do you like to get drunk in a room full of strangers? Please apply below and describe your specific strengths for the position. A suit with rotating colored vests is included. If you are ugly, please submit a fake photo.

Look away. This is boring legal jargon. Backup Groomsman is a beta product. We are not responsible for the intoxication level of our Backups. Any damage done on the plane or on the wedding grounds will be billed to the client. This is absolultey not a joke if you have enough money. If a Backup cannot be found by your deadline or if he ends up not being reliable, we will immediately outsource the job on elance. If your Backup does not arrive at the agreed upon time, we will email you a good excuse you can use with your guests. Absolutely no refunds. Any coupon codes you find online are fake, especially if they use words like "save" or "discount." All Content © 1337 by Nathan T. Baker.