Nate Baker

Nate Baker

Hi, I'm a board game and data nerd working as a business analyst for

Nate Baker in his home office in Franklin, TN

I live with my wife, two children, two Great Pyrenees, and five free-range cats just south of Nashville, Tennessee.

When I'm not analyzing things for, I enjoy making cocktails, playing board games, and making board games.

Check out my online tool, Tabletop Tracker, which tracks which new board games deserve your attention among the thousands of games that are published each year.

Learn more about me in chart form below.

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Side Ventures

  1. Everly Games - Small board games that pack a big punch
  2. Mechanical Loom - The premier Google Data Studio template for marketing agencies

Board Game Projects

Board Games

Board Game Tools

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My Top 10 Favorite Board Games


Here are some things I've made over the years.

Data Visualizations

Writing Samples

You can find more digital marketing articles on The Raven Blog, board game content on Meeple Mountain, news articles at NPR-affiliate WPLN, and general interest posts on Medium.

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