Backup Groomsman

The Backup Groomsman formula

We help you target the weakest link and bring balance to your line of wedding friends. Need a bearded man? A short man? A successful man with an impressive business card to prove his status? Our extensive database takes out the guesswork.

Select your Backup Groomsman using our "Top Five Parameters" matching matrix. We've tried it in the UK, and it got a lot of buzz on Twitter. We are confident it will work globally.


We're reliable, because the groom's friends aren't.

This is your fear: No one is looking at you on your special day. Everyone is wondering why there is one less groom than bridesmaids, and how this marriage is going to last if the happy couple can't even pick reliable friends.

You tried to throw in an usher, but it's obvious. He's no professional, too short, and he's awkwardly smiling.

Let Backup Groomsman ensure your day is about you. The weakest link can no longer touch your happiness.

Have a Backup Groomsman on a plane in two hours:

Choose your plan below to get started:

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Look away. This is boring legal jargon. Backup Groomsman is a beta product. We are not responsible for the intoxication level of our Backups. Any damage done on the plane or on the wedding grounds will be billed to the client. This is absolultey not a joke if you have enough money. If a Backup cannot be found by your deadline or if he ends up not being reliable, we will immediately outsource the job on elance. If your Backup does not arrive at the agreed upon time, we will email you a good excuse you can use with your guests. Absolutely no refunds. Any coupon codes you find online are fake, especially if they use words like "save" or "discount." All Content © 1337 by Nathan T. Baker.